respiratory reflux
January 2, 2023

Chronic Constipation? How Can I Fix It Inexpensively?

respiratory reflux


  • Some of my acid reflux patients who are on H2-antagonists like famotidine and alginates like Gaviscon complain of constipation.
  • Many people suffer from constipation on a chronic basis even without taking any medicines or supplements.
  • For an easy and inexpensive treatment, I recommend taking mineral oil at night and magnesium in the morning.

Constipation may seem slightly off topic for me to write blog about, but many people suffer from it, including a small number of my patients. Indeed, fewer than 5% of my reflux patients on treatment say that the Gaviscon or famotidine or both cause constipation.

My recommendations are inexpensive and effective; take 1-3 teaspoons of mineral oil every night before bed, and 2-3 magnesium glycinate capsules first thing in the morning. That’s roughly the right dose (200-400 mg.) regardless of which brand you purchase; some people take a higher dose. This treatment is not for someone who is acutely obstructed; that may require a doctor or emergency room visit.

Here’s what I use: Mineral Oil Walgreens and Magnesium (Glycinate). I believe that this method works for most people with chronic constipation. And, after a while, it may end up that the mineral oil is needed only once, twice, or a few times a week. (I use it infrequently.) Nevertheless, I do recommend taking the magnesium capsules every day.

Good luck. 

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