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What Does a Virtual Consultation Mean?

A 30-minute face-to-face consultation with Dr. Koufman could change your life

Professor Jamie Koufman, M.D., F.A.C.S. is the world’s expert on LPR, silent reflux, and respiratory reflux — she coined all three of those terms — and has devoted her life’s work to the study, diagnosis, and treatment of silent LPR that causes respiratory diseases, including asthma, post-nasal drip, sinus disease, chronic bronchitis and cough, COPD, snoring and sleep apnea.

Before the consult, you will need to fill out an intake form that will give Dr. Koufman all the information she needs to get started.

Dr. Koufman is Clinical Professor of Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery at the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of the Mt. Sinai Medical System (New York)

Cancellation Policy: No refunds will be given for cancellations within 48 hours of the scheduled consultation appointment.

The consultation does not establish a doctor-patient relationship. Dr. Koufman can make recommendations for medications – most are OTC, but she cannot prescribe meds for you. You will not be able to bill your health insurance for the consultation. No report or medical records will be created by Dr. Koufman, and she does not do email follow-up, but a Q & A dialogue can be initiated on her “Dropping Acid” Facebook page.

How Does Online Reflux Consulting Work? What Does a Virtual Consultation Mean?


Schedule Consultation: Consultations are one-half hour in length, and are scheduled on Monday (9:30am-12:00pm, 1:00pm-3:00pm) and Tuesday


Submit Forms Concerning Your Symptoms & Medical History: You should complete the forms at the time you schedule your consultation, but for certain, before your consultation because the information you provide will save time and will help Dr. Koufman focus on your problems and their solutions.


Feel Better: Get healthy. It’s all fixable with natural remedies. Your excess mucus, allergies, asthma, bronchitis, sinus disease, laryngitis, snoring and sleep apnea are all curable. Dr. Koufman can establish if reflux, specifically “silent reflux,” is the cause, Dr. Koufman is also expert in the diagnosis and treatment of vagally-mediated neurogenic symptoms (e.g., neurogenic cough and nerve pain).

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