Alkaline water
January 29, 2024

Do “pH-Boosting” Drops Make Alkaline Water That’s Good For Acid Reflux?

Alkaline water


  • I am often asked if “pH-boosting drops” that claim to make alkaline water out of regular tap water actually work … specifically for reflux … since I recommend that the water be pH 9.5 or higher.
  • Four products were tested: Alkazone, Swanson, Alkalife, and Horbaach; three of the four products made the grade … Horbaach didn’t.

For each product, I followed the package directions. Products were tested using a ZenTest Apera pH Tester PH60S-Z. The instrument was two-point calibrated, and distilled water was used for all tests. The instrument’s pH was brought back to neutral prior to each test. Each product was tested three times, and the results were averaged. Still, the data presented in this post may or may not be accurate; and I take no responsibility for any potential commercial ramifications that might result from data in this post.

“pH-Boosting Drops” Evaluated

Products were evaluated and prepared using package instructions. And all were easy to use, and three of the four made the grade. I used distilled water for testing, but you can use city water, tap water, or restaurant water; all are usually around pH 7 … and all will be just fine.

Alkazone Balance Your pH Drops (1.25 oz) $19.84

Directions: 3 drops / 8 oz water — Result: pH 10.5  GOOD

Swanson Alkaline Booster Drops (1.25 oz) $7.50 

Directions: 8 drops / 8 oz water — Result: pH 9.9  GOOD

Alkalife pH Booster Drops (1.25 oz) $16.56

Directions: 3 drops / 8 oz water — Result: pH 10.7  GOOD

Horbaach Alkaline Booster (2 oz) $7.99

Directions: 3 drops / 8 oz water — Result: pH 7.0  BAD

I also tested Ecosafe Alkalizing Water Treatment ($17.99 for 50 packets). One packet makes  one liter of alkaline water. This might be good for home, but not so much for when you are out. Directions: One Ecosafe packet in one liter of distilled water — Result: pH 9.7  GOOD

Comments: (1) Every product tested made the grade (good alkalinization) except the  Horbaach. (2) The alkalinity target of pH 9.5 kills pepsin for sure — actually, pepsin dies (is denatured) at pH 8  — So dear refluxers, please drink alkaline water and spray it in your throat. (3) And no, pH 10.7 is not too high. (4) Note that there are big cost-per-serving differences between the different products.

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