July 1, 2020

We Should Be Using a Safe, More-Effective Sanitizer and Disinfectant (HOCl) to Help Control COVID-19


  • Hypochlorous water (HOCl) and electrolyzed water are one and the same. HOCl is made by passing electricity through saline. It’s safe, environmentally-friendly and not toxic to people, but it kills every bacteria and virus, including COVID-19.
  • HOCl already has EPA-approval for personal sanitation for disinfection in poultry, livestock, seafood, produce, and use in restaurants, supermarkets, schools, healthcare, water treatment, etc. You can spray it on a baby’s dirty pacifier, then stick it right back in her mouth.
  • I personally have HOCl sanitizing and disinfection routines that I believe are superior to anything else. Perhaps short of wearing full-time, full-PPE, I think my use of HCOl is protecting me from getting Covid. I awoke one morning recently and asked myself, “Why shouldn’t everyone be doing this?”
  • As a sanitizer, I spray HOCl on my hands, as well as directly into my eyes, nose and mouth. I do this after almost every human interaction. In addition, I breathe HOCl mist from a vaporizer in my kitchen after human contact, especially after grocery shopping (and I also use it for vegetable and fruit disinfection).

Trump May Have Been Right

When the president suggested that human consumption of disinfectant might work as an internal antiviral sanitizer, almost everybody disagreed. But at that time, he didn’t know about HOCl, which is already safely consumed by humans in many ways and in quite large quantities. 

This HOCl pacifier sanitizer, for example, is the first-ever NO RINSE pacifier sanitizer approved by the EPA. 

HOCl can kill Covid-19 in the air, on any surface, and inside us. Safely.

So yes, there is an already-available, highly-effective, safe-for-humans combination sanitizer/disinfectant to help beat COVID-19. We need science to pay attention right now. 

I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to get through to the White House to make a presentation about this topic, but I can’t seem to get through. (Reasonable scientists and smart bloggers everywhere, please help make this go viral!)

I brew my own HOCl in a small machine that I bought a few years ago – I explain my personal use in detail below.

By the way, it is a great way to treat cuts and abrasions – they heal faster. I learned this from veterinarians, who have been using HOCl (Puracyn) for wound care, including surgery. 

Now Puracyn is being marketed to humans as a sanitizer, for wound care and as a disinfectant. If you do nothing else, try some Puracyn.

And a scientifically important fact: the body’s white cells, which are crucial in fighting infection, produce HOCl. 

What Are the Advantages of Sanitizing with HOCl?

  • Great broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity
  • It’s inexpensive to produce and environmentally-friendly
  • Unlike other disinfectants, contains no harmful chemicals
  • It can safely be used on/in humans, BUT EPA and CDC clearance is needed

What Are the Disadvantages of HOCl?

  • HOCl products are relatively new and unknown to the public, healthcare professionals and the EPA & CDC
  • Expanded use of HOCl is likely to be opposed by powerful commercial interests whose products use toxic chemicals
  • The HOCl in sanitizing and disinfecting products on the market decays, losing potency within weeks to months. I explain this in further detail below.
  • I believe that this article alone is the reason the CDC states HOCl has not been proven to be safe in humans. Done in test tubes (essentially using bleach) the article concluded that HOCl killed cells, but that study is not relevant to today’s HOCl concentrations, technology and uses. 

Personal Story – How I Use HOCl Now

I have psoriasis and I used to get recurrent styes, likely because flakes of dead skin would get into my eyes. Several years ago, I began using an HOCl product called OCuSOFT to clean my eyes (twice-daily), and my eye styes disappeared!

It also provides relief for gritty or itchy eyes caused by anything, including smog or pollen.

About five years ago, I purchased a small Geneon unit that produces HOCl in about one-liter amounts in as little as ten minutes. Now, I use my HOCl for:

  • Cleaning the kitchen counters, windows, floors, dog pee and poop 
  • Disinfecting groceries, especially produce
  • Disinfection of personal space, and sanitation of my eyes, nose, and mouth — especially for disinfection and self-sanitizing when I travel or fly
  • Wound care for myself, and it also works well for my animal’s cuts and abrasions
  • Odor removal of tobacco smoke, mold, mildew, burnt food
  • At the first signs of a cold or viral infection, I’ve used it in my eyes, nose and throat, and it has helped to stop these issues dead in their tracks!

I brew a batch of HOCl about every other day. Here it is on my counter.

Most of it goes into the atomizer/vaporizer in the kitchen, and the rest is stored in small blue spray bottles (shown above). I carry the spray bottles with me everywhere I go, and after I come in too-close contact with another person, I self-spray my eyes, nose and throat. 

When I go to the supermarket, I wear a mask and gloves and disinfect the handle of the cart using HOCl spray and a paper towel. All produce is placed together in one shopping bag, and I do my own bagging. 

When I get home, I remove the gloves and mask, then wash my hands carefully. Next, I clean my door knob, steering wheel, door handles and stick shift of my car. Then, I again spray my eyes, nose, and mouth with an atomizer. Afterwards, I stand in front of the vaporizer breathing HOCl in my mouth and nose, allowing it to get it in my eyes, too. 

Around the house and in public, I also use HOCl towelettes. I purchase baby wipes, squeeze them out, and then put them in a pickle jar filled with HOCl. They are best for cleaning surfaces that aren’t flat, like steering wheels and shopping cart handles.

When I unload my groceries, I put them on the floor of the kitchen first and then clean everything with HOCl, using spray, towelettes and mist. I put all the fruits and vegetables in the sink to be washed and sprayed with HOCl. After everything is put away, I again wash my hands carefully with soap then respray my hands and my face.

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, I flew out of New York City’s LaGuardia airport to my home in North Carolina. At every step of my trip, I took extra care to wipe down my seating area, as well as diligently spray my eyes, nose, mouth, mask and hands, in addition to wearing a mask and rubber gloves. I always take extra precautions when traveling. By the way, I think the eyes are the most common route of entry for COVID-19. 

Proposed Applications and Uses of HOCl for Mitigation and Control of COVID-19

  • Portable spray bottles for personal hand, face and airway protection and portable nebulizers for people with respiratory problems
  • Surface spray for daily use on high-touch points, such as door knobs, cell phones, credit card, shopping carts, etc. … everywhere!
  • Stationary and portable ultrasonic sprayers and humidifiers for home, office, and public places such as hospitals, mass transit, first-responder locations, restaurants and businesses

I would see it as a great benefit if large institutions acquired commercial-sized units – perhaps the National Guard could help with education and distribution.

Products Already on the Market 

If HOCl Is So Great, What Should Happen Next?

I’ve put together a 10-slide presentation that I would take to the White House so that I can get in front of the appropriate decision makers.

I think that it would be crucial to have with me the owners of a company called EcoloxTech, the biggest supplier of HOCl-manufacturing equipment with FDA- and USDA-cleared applications in food and beverages, produce, seafood, poultry & meat processing, restaurants, as well as in commercial laundry, cooling towers, livestock, pools, gyms, schools, and water treatment, cruise ships, etc. 

Of note: Norwegian Cruise Line has been using EcoloxTech’s HOCl systems, and have not had any infections of any kind on their ships.

EcoloxTech, the biggest supplier of HOCl-manufacturing equipment, already has FDA- and USDA-cleared applications for many applications and industries. Look at their website, it is very interesting. 

EcoloxTech manufactures four sizes of systems, from personal use ($200), like my Geneon (seen above), to massive systems for large institutions ($30,000). Notably, EcoloxTech could be rapidly scaled up to supply the nation with HOCL (and it would be manufactured in the US).

Needed Governmental and Regulatory Actions 

  • Rapid EPA approval for mass production of HOCl products
  • Endorsement by the White House, Dr. Fauci, the CDC with Congressional funding for manufacture, distribution, and science (including perhaps funding of EcoloxTech) 
  • Creation of a task force to oversee logistics, including distribution, maintenance and training of regional personnel
  • Creation of on-line instructional videos for HOCl users on when and how to use the sanitizers and the disinfectants
  • Creation of a media-based public health education program

HOCL Would Provide a Paradigm Shift in Both Disinfection and Sanitation 

I need to meet with the White House, EPA, CDC and the scientific community ASAP. Please, fellow citizens, politicians, and media, help me get this in front of the right people. 

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