July 27, 2020

Have Chronic Cough? Try This 2-Week Detox Plan



  • Chronic cough is a common symptom, but not all are created equal. This article has a 2-week detox plan, but if you want education about chronic cough, read this article on chronic cough first.
  • The most important distinction is whether there’s something wrong with the lungs (pulmonary) or whether it has nothing to do with the lungs (non-pulmonary). If you ever cough more than 4 weeks, you should have a chest X-ray and a tuberculosis skin test. That said, a large percentage of patients with non-pulmonary cough have cough due to silent acid reflux (also called LPR).
  • If you’d like to see if your cough is due to acid reflux, you can try this strict 2-week detox. I’ll be really honest upfront and say that this acid reflux detox plan isn’t particularly fun. But you know what is even less fun? Coughing all the time… and if it’s acid reflux, getting esophageal cancer is no party, either. (Acid reflux puts you at high risk for esophageal cancer, which is skyrocketing in America because of our unhealthy lifestyle choices.)
  • So carve out two weeks of your life to see if you can make meaningful improvement in your cough.

When can I eat?

Five Hours: Your evening meal must finish an absolute minimum of 5 hours before lying down to bed at night (and you cannot lie down during the day).

Other than that, eat throughout the day and don’t skip meals. Try to get three-quarters of your daily calories in before dinner. Also, eat only AFTER exercising; do not exercise AFTER eating.

What can I eat?

Acid Reflux Detox Diet: This is a low-acid and low-fat diet, also avoiding known reflux trigger foods and beverages including chocolate, alcohol, onions, garlic, nuts, and tomatoes. Nothing out of a bottle or can except water, preferably alkaline water. Remember, no alcohol, no acidic foods or beverages, and the only fruits permitted are melons and bananas.

The detailed Detox Diet is shown in on page 46 in Dropping Acid: The Reflux Diet Cookbook & Cure.

Should I take any medicines?

Not PPIs! But there are some helpful OTC medicines I do suggest considering.

Gaviscon Advance Aniseed: (order 3-4 big bottles and 2 small bottles)

Gaviscon Advance Aniseed blocks reflux coming up out of the stomach. Take about 1 tablespoon 30 minutes after dinner and before bed OR if having daytime reflux symptoms, take 30 minutes after each meal and before bed. Also, take Gaviscon before exercise.

Please note: American Gaviscon is an inferior product, so be sure it’s coming from the UK/ England, and it’s called Gaviscon Advance Aniseed, NOT Mint. Mint relaxes the muscle we’re trying to engage. Use my link for the right one.

Gaviscon is the only “med” taken after meals.

Famotidine (Pepcid) 20mg (safe acid-suppressant for reflux)

Take one tab before breakfast and dinner and two tabs before bed.

How can I sleep?

45-degrees: You must sleep up at 45-degree angle or more. Do this with pillows or sleep in a recliner. Also, you cannot lie down during the day.

That’s it, that’s the 2-week detox for acid reflux plan!

Please try it and let me know if it helps your chronic cough.

If you’ve read at least one of my books and you’re following this guidance and you still need help, you can book a consultation with me.

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